Tuesday 21 May 2013

Sinbad's Treasure! (Giveaway!)

Hello there, everyone!  Anime North 2013 is just around the corner and we have decided to do a giveaway at the event! (Post updated: May 21, 2013)

You must find us at the convention first of course!  I'll be cosplaying as Ja'far from Magi - the Labyrinth of Magic.  As Ja'far I'll be hanging onto Sinbad's Treasure box because let's face it, he would lose it anyway, being the laid back, irresponsible king he is.  It turns out we have some extra treasure we're willing to part with, so be sure to find us on SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2013 to claim a piece!  We have Magi Chara Fortune Series charms by Mega House (x4), "Tales of" Series B Trading Mascot Box Set by Movic (x7) and Hetalia one-coin figures by Kotobukiya (x18).

How will you find me?

As I mentioned above, I'll be dressed as Ja'far from Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic.  I'll be wearing glasses (can't see without them), I'll be travelling with Yamraiha, twins Aladdin and Judar, and I'll have my king Sinbad by my side as well.  Let's not forget I'll be carrying the treasure box around!  It's gold and totally pimpin'!  We made it ourselves so be on the lookout for it!

To acquire a treasure from the box, you have to do one thing:
  • Tell us the name of our blog.
And that is all you have to do!  Once you find me and tell me that one thing, you'll get to pick a prize from Sinbad's Treasure Box!  It will be first come first served!  You will get to pick out any one item that's available in the box.  We hope to see you there. =]

Remember, Saturday, May 25, 2013 only! Please note that if I am no longer holding a treasure box it that means all the items have been given away.


Find us and we'll enter you into a draw for a Strength Nendoroid!

To be eligible for the draw:
  • Approach our Sinbad and call him an "Aho-King"!  We prefer if you shout it out and point and laugh.
Note: Please don't harass all the Sinbads out there!  Find the one with the awesome twin Magi.

Figure Notes: All figures will include original boxes upon request.  The Tales of figures have been taken out just for photographs.  The Hetalia figures have been displayed but are in mint condition.  The Magi charms are new.  The Strength Nendoroid has been taken out of its package but it has been resealed.

Post it on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or where ever else and share the love!  Tell your friends about this giveaway!

Speaking of Twitter, we will be tweeting about our whereabouts during the giveaway! See if you can try and hunt us down! Follow us today!

*One item per person.  In the event of any inappropriate conduct, we reserve the right to withhold prizes.*


List of items available:

Ali Baba, Aladdin, Judar, Morgiana

Cless, Dhaos, Lloyd, Kratos, Luke, Asch, Jude

Hetalia One Coin Set A:
France, Russia, Germany, China, Britain,  Italy, America, Japan, Romano (South Italy)

Hetalia One Coin Set B:
Finland, Sweden, Canada, Greece, Spain, Prussia, Austria, Hungary, Chibitalia + Holy Roman Empire

Strength Nendoroid for our draw!


  1. wahh this sounds so exciting! c:

  2. Whre r u going to be

    1. Hi there! We'll be wandering around all day on Saturday so you'll have to find us! Follow us on Twitter for hints on our whereabouts that day! =D


  3. So glad I was able to spot you guys today! Thanks again for the awesome giveaway :D

    And dohhh, I completely forgot about Chibitalia!! >_< Did you guys still have him left....? D:

    1. You're welcome! =D We're glad you found us!

      I think we had Chibitalia for most of the day, but we gave him away in the end.

  4. WAAAAA~ How I wish I live there. ;_____;