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What Are We Doing Here?

Jenn, Sui Chee and Ash are a trio of charming ne’er-do-wellers from Canada who are fascinated with acquiring tidbits and hodgepodge from the Land of the Rising Sun. Our mission is to first, find and obtain these goods, and second, to scrutinize them with strict diligence so that our audience (you, dear ones) may regard their flaws and glories.

All exaggeration aside, we’re a review site dedicated to examining imported goods from Japan. In doing so, we hope to aid future hobby enthusiasts by providing objective reviews of import sites and their products.

Shall you poketh the merch?

...Who Exactly Are We?

Jenn: Is somewhat flamboyant, but you wouldn't know it if you met her on the street. Her turn ons include full-scaled figures, ball-busting detail, and metallic things that are potentially dangerous. Her turn offs include—well, she's always turned on. In her spare time, she likes to over-level on video games for the sole ambition of backhanding the final boss into submission. Sometimes she sleeps, but mostly, she's caffeinated. She has an unhealthy obsession with the colour red.

Sui Chee: Is a gamer who enjoys collecting merchandise from her favourite titles. As long as she can find some unique artwork from the games she loves, she'll aim to purchase some art books or guides from import shops. She occasionally picks up plushies and figures as well.

Ash: Is the one with the stunning lack of definable traits.... Male figures!

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