Monday 31 October 2011

November: Coming to a theatre near you

What? A November movie? It'll be so exciting. It'll be like leaves falling, leaves falling, leaves falling, it's December, THE END. What? You're not excited? That's ok, because we're excited! And we have enough excitement to share! So, what are we all pumped up about?

Why, merch, of course. November is a cold, blah month, but the thought of spending money keeps us burning inside. Feeling the brr of oncoming snow? Never fear! Join us in the material expectation of getting more stuff, and let Poke the Merch warm you this winter! a sexual way.

1/8 Amae Koromo (Alter)

My, my, what do we have here? Koromo clearly represents all things cute. Rabbit ribbon ears, check. Almost no nose, check. Loli-maid outfit, check! Almost nauseating pastel scheme, CHECK! She looks a little like fallen Flonne, and a little like the lovechild between Alice and the White Rabbit.

She's also from an anime about mahjong, and that in itself is awesome, if only because it actually got made. Oh Japan, you so crazy.

Sunday 30 October 2011

1/8 Maxima Enfield (Kotobukiya)

I tend to be harsh on Kotobukiya, and for good reason, but when Maxima Enfield was announced, I decided to give them one more try—a final chance to prove themselves, if you will. Why? Well, her dress is awesome, and she has a  ponytail. There just aren't enough figures with ponytails.

Am I really that shallow?

You overestimate my depth, dear friends. Of course I am.

Saturday 29 October 2011

Professor Layton - Revoltech

Who can resist Layton--sorry Professor Layton, when he has those beady eyes and that awesome top hat? I only played part of the first game and then stopped because I'm not that great with puzzles, but I definitely loved Layton because, let's face it, he's an awesome character who runs around solving puzzles for a living. I have to say Revoltech did a pretty swell job making this figure. I only have a few small complaints about his flexibility.

Thursday 27 October 2011

1/8 Kureha Touka (Kotobukiya)

G'day mates! Jenn is back with another Kureha, just for you! Seeing as she's set for re-release in a couple of months, I feel compelled to warn people! That's right! Warn people!

Exclaimation marks aside, I'll be upfront. I'm not impressed with this figure. She's the sort of figure who's beauty correlates negatively with how close you get. From a distance, her vibrant colour scheme and energetic stance pull her from the crowd. Up close, she's an absolute disaster of mediocre shading and substandard paint.

Saturday 22 October 2011

1/7 Kureha Touka swimsuit ver. (Max Factory)

Kureha is cute, cute, cute. I don't know why I find her so inexplicably adorable, especially since she doesn't have the big-eyed, doll-faced, moe-moe look.

Since the release of the Shining swimsuit line, I wanted to get my hands on Kureha (it sounds dirtier than it is, really). Her pose is adorable. Her expression is adorable. Even her fingers are adorable. Plus, I'm a huge fan of wavy hair. We need more wavy-haired girls in life.

Tuesday 18 October 2011

Tales of 15th Anniversary 1995 – 2001

Wow, the 15th anniversary of the Tales of series! I can't believe Namco Bandai shelled out so many different Tales of games already. It certainly doesn't feel like it...I mean, Tales of Vesperia only came out a few years ago! Then came the PS3 port a year or so later... In any case, to join in on the celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Tales of series, I had ordered Tales of Xillia and this surprisingly thick data book!

Friday 14 October 2011

1/8 Mercedes (Alter)

It's unfair to call this a review. It's less a review than photographic adulation.

Mercedes is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. She's probably the greatest thing to happen to my collection since Gwendolyn, who is also beautiful. I don't know why it took me so long to get Mercedes, considering I'm a fan of Odin Sphere and a fan of Alter. I think it was her potential to lean that set me off, but now that I've seen her in person, leaning's the furthest thing in my mind.

Friday 7 October 2011

1/7 Clalaclan Philias swimsuit ver (Max Factory)

Ah, there's our buxom princess, all vertical and on her feet. Clalaclan's an awkward name, isn't it? Sounds like a bad cough.

Why did I buy Clalaclan? So Xecty (another awkward name!) wouldn't be so alone. Now they stand apprehensively together, both as comfortable on the beach as flourine is stable.

Am I spectacularly happy with her? EeeeeeeeehI can't say I am. Am I spectacularly disappointed? Eeeeeeeehnot spectacularly

Monday 3 October 2011

1/8 Tenshi (GSC)

Who is this mysterious, shadowed figure? I know, I know, I'm terrible at suspense. I probably shouldn't give away the answer in the title, but hey, 20/20 hindsight, right?

Oh Angel Beats, what am I supposed to say about you? Good conception, bad execution? Nice music, horrible pacing? Plot-hole-galactica? Nevertheless, I watched the entire show through, thanks to this beautiful girl.