Wednesday 30 November 2011

December: Coming to a theatre near you

Once again, the time has come. The time to curl up with some hot cocoa and seriously contemplate the future. Will we que sera our way through life, or will we wrestle it to the ground? Just what does tomorrow bring? The ponderance of times to come is a taxing process. The future is mysterious and shrouded in uncertainty. It's a scary, scary place out there. Fortunately, Poke the Merch, knows exactly what to expect.

Merch, of course.

Tuesday 22 November 2011

Tales of Vesperia Plush Doll: Overdrive Knight (Alter)

My first Alter a plush doll!  Yeah, I know their figures are gorgeous since I often hear about them from Jenn, but I couldn't resist this plushie after seeing a few pictures. Look at how adorable his face is! Doesn't his head look squishy?  Don't you want to just poke him?

So what is an Alter doll like? Much different from figures, but the quality is still quite nice!  Not perfect.  Nice.

Sunday 20 November 2011

Kurogin/D.S.B.'s "Archive Illustrations 2006-2009" (Doujinshi)

Statistics indicate I possess a predisposition to neglect art book reviews. This is unacceptable. Jenn is steady in nature and doesn't engage in that sort of favourism! Great art is my second love after great figures and great literature (that would technically make it my third, I guess), but I absolutely dread photographing art books. They're predilected towards horrible light refractions, and awful stiff spines.

Thankfully, the arrival of a batch of doujinshi lit a flame under my butt. So get ready, folks, here comes a well-needed artbook review!

Tuesday 8 November 2011

CDJapan Review

It's time for another import site review! Are you looking for books that are out of stock in all the other import shops you've been to? Maybe you're looking for some soundtracks or albums that are difficult to find! Well, dear readers, it's likely you'll find some of those awesome goods you're looking for at CDJapan. Just be careful with their shipping prices and (occasionally) slightly damaged products!