Friday 30 December 2011

1/8 Makise Kurisu (Kotobukiya)

Here at Poke the Merch, we strive to be on top of things. Therefore, it is our sworn duty to inform our peers of upcoming figure re-releases.

I procrastinated on reviewing Makise Kurisu. All photos were taken. All witty commentary prepared. Yet in the busy highway we call life, I neglected to upload anything substantial. Happily, Kotobukiya's 1/8 Makise Kurisu is getting a re-release in January and I swore to review her before then. With a deadline looming above my head, I finally kicked myself and threw together something half decent.

Sunday 25 December 2011

1/6 Collet (Native) NSFW

First a foremost, merry Christmas all!

And what better way to celebrate this season of charity and altruism than with a free helping of sexy Santa eyecandy? Gives ho ho ho a whole new meaning, doesn't it? (Wink, nudge, wink)

Collet is my first true NSFW figure. "True" meaning you can goggle all her girly bits. All. Of. Them. There's really no rationalizing her as artistic nude. This girl is all smut.

Saturday 24 December 2011

Nendoroid: Totori Helmold (GSC)

Oh, lookie here! Poke the Merch's first nendoroid review! Aren't these little figures absolutely adorable? Don't you just wanna mix faces and body parts with all of them? Well, tough for me because I only have one so far, but Totori is an adorable character and her nendoroid captures her character perfectly. So how are Good Smile Company's nendoroids?

Friday 23 December 2011

1/8 Buddy (Alter)

I underestimated Buddy. I got her because she was a good deal and because she was an Alter. I figured she would eventually gain in worth and I could profit off her. It was a purely utilitarian purchase.

Then something strange happened. I began taking pictures, and they were all beautiful. A light sprung forth in my mind, as I experienced a small ephiphany. Oh my god, SHE'S beautiful, I realized. Then I felt like a douche for not seeing it before. How had I not realized it before?

Thursday 8 December 2011

"Tales of" Series B Trading Mascot Box Set (Movic)

Here comes another set of collectable figures!  Okay, they're charms this time, but they are undeniably adorable!  I couldn't say no to these little charms when they were first revealed because I know every character in this box.  I've played all the games in this set.  It definitely reached out to me, so I pre-ordered these babies in the first week.  I've never bought anything from Movic before, but again, I couldn't fight the urges even after doing some searches.

After receiving them, I have to say they're not as awesome as I had hoped, but the cuteness probably makes up for it.

Monday 5 December 2011

1/8 Hiyori Pixy (GSC) NSFW

Well, what do you know? Our first NSFW figure. Tasty.

When I first began collecting, I never thought I would indulge in NSFW figures. I didn't think I could ever display them without blushing my way to an ischemic stroke. Since then, I've realized I'm a shameless appreciater of gratuitous nudity with no self-consciousness.