Monday 11 June 2012

It's a Mug! (Magi Mug - Sindria Kingdom) - Broccoli

Bow before the almighty Magi mug! 

Yes, I’m aware it’s a mug and not an art book or figure, but that doesn’t meant it isn’t merch!  And remember folks, we’re here to poke the merch! 

This is more of a viewing for the mug rather than a review, but still, I figure it wouldn’t hurt to show off other merchandise available in import shops. Sure, they show off some stock photos of what a completed mug looks like, but let's take a closer look from various angles without the giant "SAMPLE" label slapped on top!

As you can see, the design on this mug is very simple.  It’s from the manga series Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic, which I’m currently reading (and borderline obsessing over).  Various panels from a particular chapter in the manga were used for this mug, which is fine for me since they selected wonderful shots.  Personally, I love it because of all the poker faces and the, "I judge you hard" expressions.  All of that printed onto one nice little ceramic mug just appeals to me!  It's something I can grin at in the morning when I'm pouring coffee or tea.

Keep in mind there are more detailed/colourful mugs out there.  I just happened to pick up a very simple one.  My friend currently owns a glorious and adorable Gintama mug.

It turns out mugs made by Broccoli are all encased in the same type of box.  It’s a purplish-blue cardboard box with a sticker on top displaying the mug design.  It’s very simple and it does its job just fine. I recently purchased a Gintoki mug for my friend, and it was encased in the same type of box, only the sticker was different.

There were two different mug designs available for Magi, but I decided on this one because I like the characters displayed on this mug more than the other one.  I almost wish Ohtaka drew new artwork for the Magi merchandise.

Now, there isn’t much Magi merchandise out there because it doesn't have its own anime series…yet.   As you can see, there's nothing particularly fancy on my mug, but the print quality is at least clean and clear.  The only thing I thought was strange about this mug was that white dust (ceramic residue, I guess) stuck to the fabric I used to take the photographs on.  It only happened once, and it was from the bottom of the mug, but I found it quite strange. I suppose this mug is just that new.

And that's about it, my dear readers!  It's not like I can truly judge anything on this mug besides the overall quality.  As long as it's solid, can hold liquids, and has a nice little design on the side it gets a passing grade. I simply purchased this mug because I love the series and its the characters.

I would like to point out that I'm also happy because this mug a legitimate product.  I know some stores out there sell mugs with fanarts printed over them, so watch out for those, my dear readers!  If you're going to buy a mug from a series you like, you might as well make sure it's official.  I know it sounds silly in this case, but it's always feels good to own legitimate products!  However, there are cases where fanartists sell little cups with their artworks printed on them.  In that case I encourage you to buy from them directly if you can!

Material: Ceramic
Released by: Broccoli
Purchased at: Amiami
Price: 750 yen (Originally 857 yen)

Thanks for checking out my awesome new mug!

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