Thursday 27 June 2013

1/8 Leviathan (Amakuni) NSFW

Did I not tell you I was as shallow as a hastily assembled grave? Half the figures I have are of characters I have no knowledge about, and Leviathan is yet another notch on my stick. According to my research, the Seven Deadly Sins aren't anything. Not a show. Not a manga. Not a game. Not yet anyway. An anime production is in the works, but so far, only two episodes have been confirmed. Nevertheless, figure companies weren't going to let these busty beauties slip through their fingers, not when there was a chance to capitalize.

But going in blind with Leviathan has a bright side. It means I can impose a personality on her. Tabula rasa, and whatnot. Have some fun. Remember a time when you gave all your stuffies debilitating mental shortfalls and set them loose in an all-out battle royale of epic proportions? No? Was that just me? Anyhow. Given Leviathan's cornucopia of incongruent body languagethe frustrated expression mixed with her slight blush, her in-turned toes despite her aggressively forward chest, her awkward, unbalanced postureI propose that she is tsundere, thereby childish, abusive, contrary, peevish, stuttering, and perpetually in a state of denial. I will eat a metaphoric shoe if I'm wrong.

But less speculation, more review! Leviathan hasn't a confirmed personality yet, so any energy spent disparaging her "character" is energy wasted. Leviathan comes in a sturdy, corrugated box decorated with attractive, pentagram windows. As usual, pictures of Leviathan grace its sides, but they're discreet, and don't distract from the box's attractive burnt-bronze texture.

(**Click to enlarge photos**)

There are two options with Leviathan's base: a huge pedestal, and a simple circle. Her pedestal comes with faniciful patterns and delicious horny sculpt (and by horny I mean horn-like, gosh). With a base so substantial, I can only find one complaint. Unlike her sister, Asmodeus, who has a matte base, Leviathan's base is glossy, and looks rather plasticky.

Leviathan is a small girl, and doesn't completely fill it out her pedestal, which could, on a certain level, account for her uncomfortable expression. I prefer Leviathan on her smaller base as a result. The top of her pedestal can be popped out to provide a less intimidating circle.

Leviathan's base has an interesting pattern. I call it smoky-blue marble.

Leviathan has a punk-rock costume, and excellent sex appeal, both of which I enjoy. Her pose is tailored to show off both her bust and butt. I also like that she's a bit chubby for an anime girl. It's cute.


Amakuni has given Leviathan an expression that's both flustered and curious, like she's seeing you for the first time and doesn't know if she can trust you. In a sea of happy smiles, and serene stares, it's refreshing to see a grumpy face. This is my first figure from Amakuni, and there's much to admire. From the slight blush on her cheeks, to the crease above her upper eyelid, to the smooth slope of her jawline, Amakuni spared no effort making her photogenic. Her eyes are wide and ringed (reminescent of Huke's characters).

She also has a little fang, but it's so tiny it could be mistaken for a cold sore. I kind of wish it were a lip ring instead. Because how awesome would that be?

The back of Leviathan's head looks just about as good as her face. I'm always disappointed when figures end up with bowling ball head (I'm looking at you, Stocking), but happily, Leviathan's hair has all the right physics. Her right side is especially interesting, with a mini side-tail and lightning-bolt sideburn.

I remember a time when I rocked Leviathan's t-shirt-over-sleeves look. It was way back in middle school, when I roughed and rebelled with the rest of 'em. It's a look I fondly associate with the fiery throhs of youth and ignorance.

Overall, Leviathan's outfit is well rendered. The folds along her t-shirt are realistically sculpted, and the lines are, for the most part, clean. Her ENVY symbol is clear and obviously stenciled, and the knot in her t-shirt adds individuality to her design.

But Leviathan's outfit has two bright and massive weaknesses: Terrible seam lines along her side.

Leviathan's cast-off is one of the clumsiest I've ever seen. It's as though Amakuni didn't bother to check that she could be properly cast-on before releasing her. The pegs don't always match up with the holes, and more often than not, pushing one peg in means another will pop out. To make matters worse, some pegs are too large for their corresponding holes, and require some manual intervention to push in. With some patience, a blowdryer, and some needles (for precision), you can get her properly clothed, but there will still be substantial gaps in her shirt.

At times like this, I'm reminded of why I look upon cast-offs with some trepidation. There are clever, convenient ones, like the majority of Orchid Seed's. Then there are Leviathans. There's no telling how successful cast-offs will be until you have them in your hand. Given Leviathan's price, Amakuni should have considered including an exchangeable bust. Though on second though, that would mean seam problems lower down on her body...

I wonder if anyone's ever attempted a magnetic cast-off. That would be neat.

Moving south. Leviathan's belt is detailed, metallic, and, most importantly, stays out of the way of her super butt. As to not encroach on Native's territory, Amakuni has provided Leviathan with a bandage to cover her nether-regions. If you're naughty, you can peel it back, but it's a futile endeavor. Leviathan has Barbie crotch, smooth as butter and just as undefined. Since I lack the dexterity to perform such surgical manouvers myself, I learned this by stalking Leviathan photos online. Orchid Seed even provided a packet of extra bandages. Just in case.

We need more punk rock girls in our lives. Look at the mischievous grin on Leviathan's boots! I love it! There are slight paint slips on the buckles, and a thin seam down the middle, but her boots are so spankin' I really don't mind.

Leivathan comes with a pet bat-thing with a gas mask to obscure it's undoubtedly wide smile. Who doesn't want to be plastered against cushions so fine?

Unfortunately, Leviathan isn't without faults. I've already mentioned her clumsy cast-off. At closer glance, both her sculpt and paint job is not as strict as I would have liked for an exclusive figure.

Leviathan also has a few smaller inconsistencies that make her feel unpolished up close. There are mistakes that could have been smoothed over if the sculptor only spent five more minutes ensuring quality.

Her horn could be pressed closer to her head so that it's not floating above her hair, and the fingerprints along her stockings could have been remedied with a quick swab. It's the small things, my friends. It's always the small things.

But enough grump, let's get to the important part: Taking off her shirt.

Leviathan comes with an extra set of arms to compliment her nudity. Without her clothes, her pose is a little strange. She's either angry you stole her shirt, or trying to seduce you with a huffy chicken dance. But really, when you have measurements like hers, it doesn't matter what you do. It's all good.

Leviathan has wide, child-bearing hips, and subtle muscle lines around her stomach. I wish she had a modest stomach pouch, for a little extra chub in her midregion, but there's no love lost with what she has. She also has great sculpt on her back.

Leviathan cups her glutteal maximus in a manner most pleasing to the eye.

Tthat butt's working so hard it should clock overtime.

Of course, while Leviathan's generous rear end needs an equally generous topside. She's busty, but not overly so. Her boobs are gravitationally regular, and enjoy all the hang and perk of real boobies. Her nipples are pink and detailed. Amakuni even included the wrinkle in their center that lead into her lactiferous ducts. Yep. Biology. The more you know.

The one thing I enjoy about cast-offs is the ability to control just how naked a girl gets. I'm not a huge fan of all out nudity. I find it boring. Semi-nudity, however, is a whole other beast.

You can also switch in Leviathan's original arms for some extra coverage, but Levi-tan looks awkward flailing about (though I like to imagine she's about to spank herself), so it's best to include her bat friend. I'm sure the it's happy to partake of her generous curvature. Leviathan's smooth, unadorned butt doesn't have the best traction, so a belt is necessary to keep her pet in place.

The only trouble with using her striped arms is that they don't fit as snuggly as her unstriped ones. While her t-shirt usually obscures this, the gaps between her flesh and buckle become apparent when Leviathan is cast-off.

I wish Leviathan came with a guitar. Everyone looks good with a guitar.

I was late ordering Leviathan, and couldn't get her without her exclusive item. Therefore, instead of just having a figure, I also have a sexy handkerchief. Is the handkerchief worth the extra ten dollars? Well, that depends. Would you like to rub your face against a picture of a boobalicious anime girl?

Wait, don't answer that.

Illustrated by NIΘ, well known designer of the Hyakka Ryouran girls, the hankie depicts Leviathan in all her busty glory, propping up her ample bosom, and wearing nothing but buckles and a quizzical expression. Both sides are definitely not safe for work, though one side is slightly more censored than the other. What I would give for a figure of her with only blue nipple cups. What I would give...

Leviathan is one of the few exclusive figures I have. I don't pander in exclusives often because, let's face it, figure collecting is already financially punishing with standard runs. It's difficult to convince myself to buy exclusives unless they're cheap in the resale market (ha, good one), or I absolutely need them in my life. That being said, Leviathan is a character I know nothing about. She's not that fancy, or large, or well-known. Pass, right?

Nope. Something about her sucked me in. Incredible, considering I managed to talk myself out of more impressive exclusives, such as Alter's Hyakka Ryouran line and Amakuni's Noel Vermillion (a decision I now mildly regret). I can't say exactly what got me in the end. Maybe it's her punk outfit. Maybe it's her strong sense of character. Maybe it's her mix of youthful awkwardness and carnal allure, like she's just stumbled upon her own sexuality and doesn't quite know how to wield it yet.

Or maybe it's just that she's not wearing pants. Who can deny the call of supple, protruding buttcheeks? It is about the simple things, after all.

Amakuni must be confident The Seven Deadly Sins franchise will do well to release figures so early on in its development. Sure, the Seven Deadly Sins has been done to death, and wacky harems has also been done to death, but when have busty girls ever let a franchise down? Never underestimate the power of a good jiggle.

And while I'm not big on shows that shove ladybits down your wazoo, I have to admit I respect franchises that know exactly what they're doing, and advertise themselves shamelessly. After all, if you're going to do anything, you might as well own it.

Every time I do a photo shoot, I notice something new about the figure.

In my adventures with Levi-tan, I found she isn't all that versatile on angles. While she isn't exactly lacking from any side, it's clear she's sculpted with a specific presentation angle in mind. The shape of her face, as well as the sweep of her hair, all work best straight on. As much as I tried diversifying, I kept coming back to her front. After some contemplation, I figured it out. Leviathan's stare needs a target. Having a more serene figure stare blankly into the distance makes them seem contemplative, but Leviathan has a confrontational expression, and having her glare at thin air is just awkward.

Exclusives, exclusives, exclusives, you poor, scrutinized spectacle. I tend to judge exclusives with a severity I reserve for literature and employee performance reviews. I can tell myself that as long as I enjoy the product, I have made a good purchase, but my judgemental mind rejects such wish-washy rationalizations. To say the price of something has zero effect on my appreciation of it is tomfoolery. I can't deny my critique of a product is partially swayed by the amount I shell out. In a sense, I judge figures like I judge food. If I grab a coffee off the street, I don't mind if it's mediocre, but if I'm paying a hundred bucks for a gourmet cuppa, it better be a numinous orgy of flavourful ambrosia on my tongue. I better be crying by the time I finish it. Crying diamonds.

As with all exclusive figures, I ordered Leviathan with a healthy dose of doubt. Do I really want to pay that much? Will she turn out as nice as her promo pics advertise? Should I instead save for other figures? Is she worth the fifteen used books, or six sushi buffets, or 1/133 of a master's degree I could get for the same price?

Well, is she?

That's a hard one. Happily, I'm quite fond of Leviathan. Sure, she has her troubles, and her awkward cast-off is unfortunate at best, but her unique outfit, well rendered face, and excellent measurements overwhelm her minor disappointments. However, she's expensive for her size and quality. As an exclusive, she's still not as impressive as some of the standard run figures I possess, both in terms of quality and shelf presence. Mingle her into my collection, and she disappears against heavyweights like Alter's Dizzy, GSC's Ultimate Madoka, and Max Factory's Aoba. Sure, her base is fancy, but it can't really compete with the equally heavy, more atmospheric bases of GSC's Black Rock Shooter line. Other exclusives I have, such as Alpha x Omega's Alice, have cleaner details and cleaner cast-offs.

Even after this review, I'm ambivalent about her purchase. I like her, but she's expensive. Perhaps a part of me likes her because she's expensive. While I don't regret paying a hefty sum for Leviathan, the fact that her price was hefty will always be in the back of my mind. Then again, that's just how exclusives roll. If I ever feel bad, I can always just take a look at her resale values and preen.

For more pics of Levithan, visit more prompt and masterful blogs, Wieselhead, and Figyura.

The Run-Down
 Box  7/10 Sturdy, nice windows, great grunge
 Base   7/10 Choice between two bases, but big version looks too plastic
 Pose  8/10 Aggressive, full of personality, great proportions
 Sculpt  7/10 Fail cast-off, some seam and roughness issues
 Paint  8.5/10  Minor roughnes, but nothing damning
 Overall   8/10 Sexy and cute overall

Manufacturer: Amakuni
Price: 8381 yen (Upwards of 11-12k by proxy)
Purchased from: Big in Japan

Circle, circle, dot, dot,


  1. haha why so strict, strict chan? :p
    But well the figerprint is a bit unfortunate, I have to check if my copy suffes from this as well.

    The "exclusive" way is a bumpy road, from my experience you'll never really get luxury quality when looking close. most manufacturers mainly use this for drawing extra money from us collectors. Im looking at Kotobukiya with staring eyes.

    I can't help myself but love this figure,
    the face is marvelous for a 1/8 scaled figure, so expressive, so blushy, so damn beautiful.
    I love punk rock girls and this was what got my attention at fist, next to the illustration where she looked slightly chubby and tsun tsun.

    She stands out with this kind of outfit, striped stockings, sleeves and heavy boots, all I want was there.

    The cast off is a cool extra, but it doesn't work what Amakuni tried here. The shirt is way too stiff and the pegs are a pain. It was not nice as she already arrived with open shirt.

    In the end I closed the shirt with a thin piece of fishing line wrapped around her.

    Well, at least they got her curves correct and all sexy, her round butt is really great you don't see something like this on too many figures. I agree with a more round belly ^^

    Leviathan is a water demon, so they made the base shiny, I think there could have been a more alaborate way to get a feeling of water instead of just using glossy glossy plastic. Some texture on it would have been cool.

    1. Oh ho ho, when my perfectionist tendencies get going, they can't be stopped! I think I just got unlucky with the fingerprint though. =P

      In a sense, exclusives are a reason onto themselves. They become progressively rarer, so they're more expensive. They're operate on a different plane than standard runs.

      Sometimes I look at all my figures and wonder if I would have been better off buying a used car, but thinking like that is hardly helpful. Besides, then I would have missed out on my sexy plastic harem. Leviathan has a lot of pros despite some little slip-ups. She's so cute and chubby that I just want to pinch her cheeks (face and otherwise).

      How cool would it be to see Leviathan standing on a sea serpent head? Too cool to handle, maybe. XD


    2. Don't take it too personal please ^^ I just wanted to tease you a bit.
      Used cars can also be nice, but you can get figures instead of the fuel and maintenance costs hahaha. So far I haven't regret to get into this hobby, it's really fun, even more when you can exchange with other figure "addicts". Yead indead *pinch* *pinch*

      Thats a great idea, I wonder if I can make something out of it, I'll look for a monsterhead now.

      see you

    3. I've never really regretted getting into collecting either. All hobbies require financial sacrifice, after all. At least figures don't come with insurance fees. XD

      If you ever do anything with her base, you must show me! I always wanted to try my hand at altering a base, but I end up chickening out.


  2. hi i have question --- this plaster on her p**** is permanent or you can remove and get her fully naked thx for answer

    1. Hi Anon,

      You can remove it. It's actually a sticker. But there's nothing underneath, I assure you. She's all smooth. =P