Friday 18 April 2014

Anime North 2014 Giveaway (Updated: May 03, 2014)

Hello dear readers, Poke the Merch will be heading to Anime North 2014 and we're hoping to see you there!  Due to the success of our "Sinbad's Treasure" giveaway last year, we've decided to give more goodies out!  Be sure to find us on Saturday, May 24, 2014 to claim a piece of our merch!

How will you find us?

This year the Poke crew will be cosplaying as characters from the game: "Hatoful Boyfriend", a.k.a. the notorious pigeon dating game that results only in trauma!  Hey man, don't judge.  We can feel you judging. Go try the game! Try it now. It's short and fun, and it changed our lives forever.  No joshing. We'll be cosplaying as the following characters: Ryouta Kawara, Anghel Higure, and Shuu Iwamine. In human "form"...not bird (although that would be an amazing cosplay).

Suich will be cosplaying as Ryouta in his shrine maiden outfit so be on the lookout for her if you want to claim a prize from our goodies basket!  She will be holding a silver basket full of goodies.

Of course, you can always look out for other members of Poke the Merch!  Ash will be cosplaying as quirky little Anghel, and Jenn will be cosplaying as Doctor Shuu.  If you hear the "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy" coming from someone, it will be from Jenn. Yes, she comes with her own theme song. HINT. HINT.


To acquire an item from Ryouta (Suich):
  • Ask me, "How's your mother doing?"
And that's all you have to do to pick out any one item inside the goodies basket!  It will be first come first served and one item per person!  We hope to see you there!

Remember, Saturday, May 24, 2014 only! Please note that if we no longer have the goodies basket it means all the items have been given away.


Magi Chara Fortune Series charms by Mega House (x6):
We have available one of each character you see below: Aladdin, Ali Baba, Morgiana, Judar, Ja'far, and Sinbad.  All are new and in their original boxes, with the exception of Aladdin and Ali Baba which were opened for photographs.

Animal Crossing: Choco-Eggs, by Furuta Confectionery (x10)
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (the game) was such a smashing success that we've decided to give out these Choco-Eggs!  They're just like Kinder Eggs, but with Animal Crossing characters inside.  All of these are new and unopened!

Bakemonogatari prize figures, by Taito (x3)
We've got two Senjougaharas and a Hanekawa to give away.

Attack on Titan: Rubber Straps, by Kotobukiya (x10)
All rubber straps are new and in their original packaging.

Prince of Tennis: One coin grande figure collection by Kotobukiya (x10)
All figures have been opened and displayed but are in excellent condition.


We have not one, but two main draws this year!

Shining Wind - 1/8 Elwing, by Kotobukiya
Everyone loves elves, right? Here's your chance to win an elf of your own! Elwing/Elwyn (however her name is spelt) is like new. Never displayed. Removed from box for photos.

Sailor Mars plush by Bandai

To celebrate the upcoming Sailor Moon series we have decided to give away a brand new, unopened Sailor Mars plush at Anime North 2014! 

To be eligible for the draw:
  • Go to Shuu and yell "I WANTED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE."
  • Go to Anghel and call him by his real name (HINT: Not Anghel)
Doing one of the two things above will allow you to put your name in for one of the prizes (Elwing or Sailor Mars)

Should you shout out both of the above phrases, you can do one of the three things below:

1) You can put your name in twice for the Elwing figure
2) You can put your name in twice for the Sailor Mars plush
3) You can put in your name once for Elwing and once for Sailor Mars

Post it on Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, or where ever else and share the love!  Tell your friends about this giveaway! Tell your friends to tell their friends! TELL EVERYONE.

Speaking of Twitter, we will be tweeting about our whereabouts during the giveaway! See if you can try and hunt us down! Follow us today!

 *One item per person.  In the event of any inappropriate conduct, we reserve the right to withhold prizes.*

-The Poke Crew
Suich, Jenn, and Ash


  1. I want to win the Prince of Tennis

  2. I just found this blog ... and that you were at Anime North :(

    Ah well, there's always next year!