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April showers bring May flowers, but no one gives two farts about flowerrs at Poke the Merch. Now if April showers brought May merchandise we might care, but that's illogical and impossible to boot. Besides, nothing that rhymes with "merchandise" would make a cohesive poem, so we're not even going to try.

That being said, April has its own slew of beautiful materialistic wallet-eaters that require attention. So what are you waiting for?

Jack Frost Plush (Good Smile Company)

Suich: It looks like Atlus and Good Smile Company caved under the fans' demand for a Jack Frost plush doll.  Atlus developed an exclusive Izanagi plush a few years back, and then they did the same for Jiraiya, but now they're releasing an adorable Jack Frost doll!  Look at that smile! How can you not want it?!

Jenn: his isn't the most accurate Jack Frost, but it is cute. At first I didn't like his stumpy arms, but they grew on me. As much as I like accuracy, he's just so much cuter with stumpy arms.

Suich: I would choose this over the Nendoroid.  It's cute and it's soft and I think Jack Frost just works better as a plush.

Jenn: Same here. As much as I like the Nendo, a plush is just so much squishier.

Jenn: Naw, I'm not much into plushies
Suich: Yup! 

1/8 Mami Tomoe (Good Smile Company)

Jenn: There's nothing to dislike about Mami. She's kind, responsible, motherly, level-headed—oh wait...

Suich: I see what you did there.

Jenn: This Mami figure is clearly going to be amazing. She's made by GSC, has an awesome costume, and she's obviously flaunting her butt, but despite her undisputed quality, there's something awkward about her pose.

Suich: Is she skipping, jumping, or turning? Maybe all three?

Jenn: Or maybe she stubbed her toe on a rock. I mean, who holds guns like that? Don't you care about recoil?!


Suich: I'm not very fond of the peg sticking out from the base, but I suppose it's the only way to make Mami "skip"?

Jenn: I don't mind the peg, since it's holding her upright, but I wish she had a more exciting base. I'm waiting for someone to pick up Chizuru's Mami GK (come on Alter, you know you want it). She looks more balanced, and the cake base gets me.

Jenn: Nah
Suich: Nope

Miki Sayaka Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)

Jenn: Miki Sayaka is my least favourite magical girl of Madoka. To me, she comes off as irrational, hypocritical, and, quite frankly, kind of a bitch. It's strange, since I usually dig white knight characters, especially when they get thrashed a lot (oh my god, I am a sadist!), but Sayaka just doesn't do it for me. Fortunately, I like her costume.

Suich: She was my least favourite character.  Sayaka was annoying and borderline whiny.  If I had to choose something to like about Sayaka, it would have to be her fighting style (you know, with a ton of swords).  I suppose her outfit is quite nice as well.

Jenn: Swords are cool, 'nough said. I think I'll get her if only to have the entire set, but I'll probably keep her in the back, where her presence won't annoy me so much.

Suich: Sounds like a good idea.

Jenn: Yes, out of obligation
Suich: Nope.

1/8 Totori Helmold (Phat Company)

Suich: This is an absolutely lovely design for a figure.  It's got great detail and a nice variety of colours.  The base has so much detail compared to thousands of other figures I've seen.  Totori is just stunning (judging by the initial photos).

Jenn: The pastel scheme of this figure is amazing (and so true to her design). Her outfit is gorgeous, and more detailed than it first appears. I love the gold trim, and the little shell hanging from her purse. I can see some pretty neat light play with all her transparent bits too.

Suich: I'm not sure how I feel about her face though.  It's not bad, but the official pictures don't make it look amazing either. 

Jenn: I feel like this figure is almost there. Her base could use just a bit more detail. Some grain on her wheel and barrel would be nice. Some roughness on her bricks would also help elevate this figure quality-wise. Other than the small things, she looks good to go. I can't wait to see how she turns out.

Jenn: No, I missed her pre-order
Suich: Unfortunately, no.

Link (Nintendo)  

Suich: Finally! More The Legend of Zelda merch! It's strange how Nintendo's releasing a crocheted plush instead of a figure/mini figures.  Maybe it's because they're always trying to get ahead of other companies by using different ideas or developing new types of merchandise. I'm not gonna lie though. I think Link looks both awesome and adorable here!  Fans are going to be fighting for this one!

Jenn: Crocheted dolls are a great idea. Crochet merchandise seems to be gaining in popularity (at least where I am), and I personally love the look of crochet. It's so neat and clean. I'm definitely looking forward to how this one will turn out.

Suich: Same here! I've been wanting some crocheted merchandise and my wish is about to come true! I can't wait!

Jenn: No indication of price yet, although it says he's going to release in April. No guarantees though, especially since we don't have any more information on him (like price). I guess we can only watch and see.

Jenn: Depends
Suich: Definitely

Mikumix Shuukan Hajimete no Miku Hatsune Nendoroid (Good Smile Company)

Jenn: Troll Miku be trollin'.

Suich: She's trollin' like a true troll

Jenn: Eloquent pair, we.

Suich: Most certainly.

Jenn: Ok, so she's not really troll Miku, but her faces certainly have that good trollin' feeling. I laughed when I first saw this nendoroid, and that automatically qualifies her for pre-order. I'm not a huge fan of Miku, but I can see myself having a lot of fun with those faces.

Suich: It's a total joke nendoroid, but I think many fans (and non-fans) really like this one!  I can see why.  I mean there are excellent accessories!

Jenn: Naw, I'll pick her up later, probably
Suich: Same here.  I'll buy her some day, but not now.

1/8 Luke fone Fabre (Alter) 

Suich: I think it's wonderful that Alter decided to release Luke.  The pose is dynamic and I really like that his base isn't flat.  I'm not sure if the rocks are detailed from these angles, but I would expect Alter to do an amazing job.

Jenn: Luke has so much whoosh it's almost palpable. I'm also digging his two-coloured hair and extra head. I'm not always delighted when figures come with extra parts (they push up box size and therefore the shipping cost), but it's always nice to have a choice.

Suich: I think it's both funny and strange how the expressions are so different.  Long-haired Luke definitely wears an arrogant expression, but it definitely matches his character in game.  I do love his hairstyle though.  The gradient looks really smooth and gorgeous.  Of course, I expect no less from Alter.  The short-haired Luke has a nicer expression, but his hair isn't as impressive as arrogant Luke.

Jenn: I have a feeling his box is going to be huge.

Jenn: No
SuichSadly, no.

By which we conclude our April preview. Despite the dreary weather we get in Canada during the month of April, we rejoice in our ability to take comfort in heart-warming merch. And while neither of us have made too many monetary commitments in April, we promise we will be twice as enthusiastic about upcoming releases to make up for it! Huzzah!


Jenn and Suich

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