Friday 6 April 2012

Wonder Nyan/Meow (Square Enix)

Look in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...It's...Wonder Nyan, the dream eater from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance! He's stuffed with awesome and he stares at you with an expression that lacks emotion!  He's adorable and plump, and all you want to do is give him a hug! Or even a poke!

Wonder Nyan can be your buddy and your pillow too!  He's got all sorts of uses!  Let's see what else makes Wonder Nyan so wonderful in this review!

I almost couldn't believe how big and plump Wonder Nyan was when I held him in my hands for the first time.  Big, plump, and surprisingly stiff because of the sheer amount of stuffing crammed inside of him.  Props to Square Enix for not being cheap with stuffing, at least.

I actually found it difficult to believe Wonder Nyan was a cat when I saw the official stock photos.  Even now I look at this plush and think to myself, "This can't actually be a cat, can it?" Some part of me still feels like it can be a mix between a cat and a dog.  I've mentioned before in the previews that I originally thought Wonder Nyan was a dog.  Then I read "Nyan" in the product name, which translates to "Meow".  Weird, I know.  However, even if Wonder Nyan was another animal, I'd still love him.  I love everything that comes out of the Kingdom Hearts series, after all.

I'm extremely pleased with the stitch quality.  There are no signs of seams being torn apart and I haven't seen any cotton spilling out from any side.  Frankly it's one of the better items I've purchased from Square Enix in terms of quality.  Since I was expecting less from this little guy, I found myself thoroughly impressed by the overall design, size, and stitch quality.

One thing I truly love about Wonder Nyan is his face.  His expression is just so blank (and adorable) that I want to just pet or poke him repeatedly for hours on end. It's a wonder (no pun intended) why his eyes are crosses or "x"s.  They're very peculiar, but somehow it just draws my attention every time I look at this plush. Wonder Nyan definitely has an intriguing design that classifies him as appealing and weird at the same time.

As much as I want to hug my wonder plush, he's a bit too hard.  This little cat is so well-stuffed that if you give him a little punt (which Jenn admitted she did before handing him over to me), he doesn't get dented.  And even if he did, he would probably recover in a matter of seconds!  The funny thing is that he managed to dent Jenn's walls after receiving a kick.  His face is so stiff that he managed to plow through some of the plaster.

Look at that awesome dent!
(not actually done by Wonder Nyan)
My Wonder Nyan is very sturdy, which in its own way, is a good thing.  It can keep its bean shape forever and ever! Or so I would hope.  We'll look at him again in another ten years and find out!  So stick around, folks!

I love Wonder Nyan's stubby little paws.  They're so tiny, it looks as though Wonder Nyan's body may crush his legs completely.  Really, when I have this little guy on display, he's just resting on his stomach.  The paws might as well be sticking out from the sides.

So the dream eater symbol (which is on all the odd creatures in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance) is on Wonder Nyan's neck(?).  I want to say stomach, but it's a bit too high on his body.  It's sewn in quite flawlessly.  As I mentioned earlier, nothing appears to be ripping and the quality is top notch.  I also like looking at Wonder Nyan's tongue.  It makes me chuckle when I consider how small his tongue is compared to the rest of his body. You can't even see it unless you turn Wonder Nyan upside down or have him face you directly.

Next to Tipo, Wonder Nyan is the most peculiar plush I own.  It's oddly shaped, it has stubby legs, it has an interesting colour palette, and it looks like a cross between a cat and a dog.  Everything about Wonder Nyan screams weird, but that's what makes it an interesting toy.

Surprisingly enough, I found something fun I could do with a stiff plush like Wonder Nyan!

While I was trying to compare the heights of my plushies I came up with a wonderful idea.  I placed Flynn on top of Wonder Nyan and got something amazing out of it.

Who needs a horse when you have WONDER NYAN?
I laughed as I took photographs. I have to give props to Alter for making Flynn's legs stuff but flexible because I was actually able to make use of that little feature in the end.  Flynn looks unimpressed with his stead, but he's ready to battle!  Who knows how long these two will last, but at least they can go out fighting together!

In any case, after comparing him to Tipo, I've come to the conclusion that Wonder Nyan is almost 25 cm tall.  I believe in terms of length, Wonder Nyan was listed as 30 cm.  As you can see, he's a bit shorter than that, but that's okay.  His pudginess makes up for it.

Square Enix did well with this silly looking plush.  I almost wish they put more effort in upgrading the quality of their figures, but I suppose they'll just keep their positive traits in the stuffed-creatures zone.

Do I love my Wonder Nyan?  Oh, absolutely!  My plush collection just looks weirder and weirder every time I add something new.  If Square Enix decides to make more plushies from the Kingdom Hearts series, I will happily buy them, so long as they're as well-sewn as Wonder Nyan!

Company: Square Enix
Purchased at: Amiami
Price: 2870 yen (Originally 3800 yen)




  1. Thank you so much for the review of the Meow Wow plush. It's nice to see clearer details of the sparkly fabric. I'm really considering about buying this.

    1. You're very welcome! The fabric shines nicely under the light at times, but it's not super sparkly. I think these particular pictures are extra sparkly because I ended up using flash on the camera. Still awesome though! Wonder Nyan's a really cute plush, so I do recommend picking it up if you're a KH fan.

      Thanks for reading!

  2. hi!
    can you tell me where you bought it?
    I would give it to my sister, but I can not find a site where to take it!

    1. Hi there!

      I originally purchased it at Amiami ( But it looks like the Wonder Nyan is sold out at that store.

      It's in stock at Plamoya though!

      It's also on back-order at Hobby Search.

      I hope this helps!


    2. thank you very much! has been very useful! now I know where I can get it :) I can not wait to get home it! I order it immediately ahahahah