Sunday 25 September 2011

1/7 Xecty swimsuit ver. (Max Factory)

I've always considered myself a fan of female anatomy, so it's strange it took me so long to get a bikini figure. I admit, they always seemed so bare next to their gloriously robed counterparts (I'm sorry, that was bad, I know).

Well, friends, there's a first for everything, and I say, this beautiful lady is a fine way to begin. 

When Max Factory first announced their Shining swimsuit series, I gave a passing glance and choked a little at the price. Sure, Max Factory's reputed to create masterful works, but the miser in me simply couldn't justify buying something so plain for more than 5000 yen.

Then they began dropping into bargain bins, and I rejoiced with imaginary wine and cheese. I found Xecty on Mandarake for the thirfty price of 3500 yen. Combined with Togame, they nuked Madanrake's handling fee with gusto, and I looked forward to my first Max Factory figure ever.

Xecty comes in a tall, resourceful box, decorated appropriately with palm trees. Foam bubbles run cross the windows.

Xecty herself is set on a base that mimicks sand. It's not the most exciting thing in the world, but it's better than a clear plastic base. The more I stare at it, the more it looks like a cookie.

There's something different about Max Factory's swimsuit series. Despite the liberal show of skin, the figures don't come off too raunchy. They're sexy, but not trashy. Xecty especially, breaks from swimsuit stereotypes with her conservative pose and modest expression.

She stares into the distance, hands folded, more analytical than merry.

I don't know anything about the Shining series, except that it's illustrated by Tony Taka, who's name is synonymous with beautiful girls. True to the art, Xecty doesn't need to try hard to be beautiful. She just is.

Xecty may not be enjoying herself, but I certainly enjoyed photographing her. There isn't a single bad angle on this woman! Just look at that thoughtful face. I bet her smile would be like the sunrise breaking against  shore—or something equally, lamely poetic.

She seems a bit cold though...
Tony Taka is renouned for his beautiful eyes, and Max Factory delivers! The wet finish they've given to Xecty's eyes is gorgeous.

Xecty has a well-proportioned body (well—anime-world-wise). Max Factory's also done a great job on her midsection. Her tummy and little belly button are just darling.

Of all the Shining girls, Xecty's bikini is one of my favourites, though Seena's ranks up there too. It's darker and matches her hair perfectly. There's no sign of paint bleed, though it would have been all too easy to slip on those thin bikini straps. The white ruffles match her head-wings, and give her a coconut-y flair. Very tropical.

Titillating attention's been paid to her breasts (again, I'm sorry). They're full and plump and hang realistically. Oh, and they're perky. Oh so perky. 

I'm especially fond of the way her straps press into her flesh. Gives her a softer, meatier feel.

On a whole other notelook, fingernails!
Xecty's not all that exciting from the back. She's mostly hair—beautiful hair—and a beautiful behind. All appreciation for boobs aside, you can't beat a plump, scenic rear. Xecty's swim suit clings to her bottom without pressing too hard into her skin. Almost looks wet, doesn't it?

Take a gander at the splended curve of her back.
She's sensual without trying to be sensual. Now that's sexy.

Oh my. With a juicy rear like that, I'd flaunt it like there's no tomorrow.

Xecty is agreeably sculpted and painted. Her skin tone is full and warm, if not a tad light. Her hair is varying degrees of brunette, with lighter tones peeking out from under the darkness. There are dots of roughness on her head-wings, and a few in her iar, but it's not enough to detract from the overall aesthetics of the figure.

Like a maniac, I set out to find mistakes in Xecty's design. After gruelling examination and tremendous effort, I managed to find a seam line in her hair.

Does this seam line bother me?

...What seam line?

Hi there, seam line.
Looks like some hooligan's splashed Xecty with water! Could explain her less-than-exuberant expression and general perkiness.

"A pox on ye."
Come on Xecty, give us a smile.

That's ok. I haven't seen a figure of her smiling yet, nor does she come off as the happy, giggly type. Besides, her slight pout and strict gaze is just as appealing as any smile. The way they've sculpted her round little mouth is just so alluring. With such a stern expression, methinks she would look good in glasses.

Pay attention in class, children.
How did Max Factory do on their first impression? Excellently. Is it perfect? Not entirely, but it's up there with the best of 'em.

I'm glad I got Xecty on sale. Despite her loveliness, I can't say she's worth her original 6476 yen. After all, she's still rather plain compared to all the other figures you could buy for the same price. Her pose is rather hum-drum and she's lacking all the fancy garnments and decorative flair of more clothed figures. She's currently sold out on all the major sites I usually browse, but if you're interested, there's a good chance she'll show up on Mandarake.

The Run-Down
Box: 6.5/10 (Well themed, but again, another box)
Base: 6.5/10 (Befitting of a bikini figure, but otherwise uninteresting)
Pose: 5/10 (She's just standing there, really)
Sculpt: 9.5/10 (Beautiful job on her face and body)
Paint: 9/10 (Overall very nice)
Overall: 7/10 (She's good for what she is)

Company: Max Factory
Price: 6476 yen
Purchased from: Mandarake

Up, up, and away!

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